​​​​​Michigan Immersion Networking Experience L.L.C.

A Leadership Skills and Professional Development Training Corporation



Leadership Immersion Experiences 

Strengthen your skills to envision your personal and business goals, create productive and harmonious teams, integrate new leadership talent, and effectively navigate change through MINE Leadership Immersion Experiences.

Select Michigan venues challenge participants to sharpen their skills, engage in self-reflection, network, and develop tools and abilities to function as highly performing leaders. Through MINE, Michigan's natural resources becomes the laboratory for learning. ​

Land and water based activities support tailored 2-3 day immersion designs. MINE's selected venues frame learning of the self, one's strengths and development areas; resulting in a compelling personal vision. All experiences are created to engage individuals in problem-solving, team and consenus building, and leadership based techniques. 

Land based experiences include: 

  • Shopping and cooking a meal with an established chef using locally sourced foods
  • Creating an artistic piece made from blown glass, clay, or textile
  • Hiking Michigan's natural trails
  • Outdoor problem-solving activities 

Water based experiences include: 

  • Kayaking 
  • Paddleboarding 
  • ​Paddleboard Yoga 
  • Sailing

Learning outcomes include: 

  • Increased awareness of your leadership style and its impact on personal and business success
  • Renewed and Improved leadership skills
  • Development of a personal vision and 100 day action plan for achieving individual, group, and organizational priorities